Brinklow Women’s Institute

The Brinklow WI is now in its 90th year, and offers all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of women!

T he Women’s Institute is the largest voluntary women’s organization in the U.K. with over 210,000 members in approx. 6,600 local groups. The WI was a founding member of the Fairtrade Foundation and started the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. It has campaigned for more midwives, for a fairer deal for dairy farmers, against violence against women, to save local libraries and many other local causes. Also, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph is lowers your blood pressure!

Our next meeting

Tuesday 9th July

Busy day on TUESDAY 9th JULY for Brinklow WI members. We have been invited to to Frankton to see the home of the Browning family, hope we can find it, we know from our March meeting when Gill was telling us all about it, that it is
underground! Then back to the CHAPEL SCHOOL ROOM for a summer supper at 7.30 pm. Always a convivial event with lots of goodies to eat. In amongst all this we start to make our entry for the Brinklow Scarecrow weekend. A challenging,
interesting and hopefully not exhausting day. Visitors are welcome to join us from 7.30pm for the supper etc., washed down with a glass or two no doubt, cost £4 ….a bargain.


Tuesday 2nd July in the Malt Kiln farm shop restaurant, from 2.30pm. Come along and join the group of crafters, and enjoy the chatter over a cup of Malt Kilns best. Hope to see you there.

About Brinklow WI

The Brinklow WI is now in its 90th year, and offers all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of women! We offer:

  • an entertaining night out once a month
  • a chance to make new friends
  • participation in a wide range of activities
  • the possibility of making an impact on your local community
  • involvement in causes that mean something to you through local  & national campaigns
  • the opportunity to learn, develop and pass on new and old skills
  • support for a long established village organization

Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of every month (except August) in the URC schoolroom, Broad Street. Other social events take place from time to time. Guests, male & female, are welcome to attend.

Become a Member

Y ou can become a member for just £3 per meeting. For this you can enjoy a variety of talks and social occasions, access to a wide range of county and national federation activities, eight issues a year of the W.I.magazine and of Corunna News, the Warwickshire Federation publication, as well as the chance to attend courses at Denman College, nr. Oxford, and to learn new skills and talk to other members via the WI website. If you want to find out more about the Brinklow WI, you will be made very welcome at any of our meetings – and there is no obligation to join on your first two visits!



Carol Leslie

01788 832 200 (evenings only)

Chris Hitchman

01788 832 716